Welcome to Turbine Technology LLC

TTL is an independent service provider offering maintenance support services to owners and operators of Gas Turbines and rotating equipment manufactured largely by industry OEMs. TTL provides comprehensive solutions in the industrial and power generation markets across the globe. Leveraging on its technical strengths and engineering capabilities. Our leadership capabilities and senior management team comprising entrepreneurs, management professionals, and technical experts having more than 30 years of experience with OEMs including service specialists deliver quality and cost-effective solutions for operating and maintaining gas turbine plants. TTL can offer advice and site assistance to industrial gas turbine users for all their operational needs, which include:

• Spare and Replacement Parts
• Component Repair
• Component Manufacture
• Field Maintenance and Engineering Services
• Control System Retrofits
• Gas Turbine Training
• Complete Gas Turbine Refurbishment
• Engineering Technology and Support
• Compressor Services
• Steam Turbine Services

Forgings and Castings:

• Power generating industry
• Metallurgical Industry
• General Machine Building
• Shipbuilding
• Flat and Round Bars
• Ingots


Apart from Service and Reverse Engineering Products, TTL provides a wide range of gas turbine spare parts. TTL can revert to stock and a worldwide network of well-known and certified suppliers. This enables us to offer for worldwide activities either from stock or with a minimal lead time. Our delivery possibilities include spare parts for the following brands and types:

•Siemens (e.g. V94.2)
•Westinghouse (e.g. W251)
•General Electric (e.g. Frame 5, 6, 7, 9)
•Solar (e.g. Centaur, Saturn)

The range of products covers everything from Instruments, nozzles, buckets and blades (stator; rotor), various hot gas path parts, to control systems. For all supplied parts TTL issues a warrantee same as the warranty given by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.